Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the provisions of the regulations currently in force in the matter of protection of personal data, by means of this Privacy Policy, World of Bingo (hereinafter referred to as “WOB” or “the Operator”) informs users (hereinafter referred to as the “User” or “Users”) of its games or applications (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), about its policy on the protection of personal data provided by Users who use our Services.

In this way, Users can freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide WOB with the personal data that may be requested of them or that can be obtained when they access and use the Service. WOB undertakes to protect the privacy of its Users.

In this regard, it is necessary for you, the User, to know that when joining and registering with the Services offered by WOB you will be asked to provide personal data. In cases and in respect of the data specifically indicated by the User, if you do not provide these, you will not be able to access or use the said Services and contents.

In compliance with the regulations currently in force, WOB takes all the technical and administrative measures necessary to maintain the required level of security with regard to the personal data it handles. Furthermore, the Operator is equipped with all the required mechanisms available to avoid as far as possible any unauthorised access and the illegal removal, amendment and loss of data.

WOB will publish the current version at all times on its Website. To this end, WOB reserves the right to carry out the modifications, updates or changes at any time that it considers necessary under the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you, the User, do not accept the new version of the Privacy Policy, WOB shall have the right to proceed to block your gaming account and cancel your personal data.

The handling of the data collected from Users is for the sole purpose of WOB providing and improving the Service so that users can enjoy our games as the best possible entertainment.

Personal data

You, the User, authorise the handling of your personal data under the terms outlined below, and know that the mere acceptance of this authorises the handling necessary for the provision of the Service.

The Operator informs the User that the data provided for the User to register and create a gaming account, as well as those collected at a later date, shall be incorporated into a personal data file held by the Operator, the purpose of which is to enable access to the services offered by WOB, to manage, maintain and develop the Service for Users and also to improve, extend and adapt the Services offered to Users’ preferences and tastes.

The personal data compiled in accordance with the Service differ depending on the Service or application and may include your full name, the social network to which you belong, your UDID (unique device identifier), transaction identifiers for purchases, associated e-mail address, profile photo of the social network to which you belong or any type of related information included on the social network, in your profile or in your online application.

WOB can also acquire data from you through access and participation in forums, blogs or chat rooms in a Service or application, the content of enquiries made to the Support Service or the purchase of any kind of virtual product.

You should bear in mind that because purchases of virtual goods offered by the Service or application are handled by a third party, WOB has no access to your credit card data or information about invoicing.

Non-Personal data

Non-personal data refer to a series of data that are taken for statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify you or get in contact with you. WOB may compile non-personal information about your use of the Service, both in the course of the game and in use of the software. WOB may also invite you to share non-personal information on yourself that may include any of the following information: age and/or date of birth, gender, data relating to the software, platform, mobile OS, platform, etc. that you use, information about your favourite websites, “likes” on Facebook, interest groups, fans pages, etc., any type of information included in your Facebook application, duration of your gaming sessions, record of top scores, language, postcode and your regional or area code, location and time zone, compilation of data on incidents, type of Internet connection and the browser used for this, pages of reference, exit, destination and URL as well as the time and date of your activity.

All types of data compilation are aimed at enabling WOB to improve its applications and Service through knowledge of Users’ behaviour.

In the event that non-personal data are collected for any kind of activity that requires the use of personal data, WOB may combine the use of both types of data in order to provide a better Service for greater entertainment using the User’s experience, and supposes improvements to the Service whilst making a direct statistical analysis of our service for the compilation and management of data provided by the User.

Use of your personal data

How WoB uses your personal data

WOB uses the information collected to improve your User experience, analyse your preferences and send requested purchases through your account, contact you to offer you new products, inform you about aspects and characteristics of our games and promotions, the possibility of updates to the Service or any kind of information relating to the Service that might be of interest to you.

WOB also uses tools provided by different social networks such as friend finders that you might use to recognise the use thereof to allow your contacts to link to the Service and its related elements such as games played, targets achieved or related applications, all subject to this Privacy Policy.

If you use a reference or referral service to invite a friend to try our Service, WOB may ask for the name and e-mail address of your friend, so that they can be invited by e-mail or text message, referred by you, to try the Service in question. WOB will store these data for only a short period of time for the sole purpose of being able to invite your friend to use the Service and also to ensure to that they do not receive repeated invitations to the product. WOB will not store this type of information permanently at any time.

If you participate in any draw, competition or similar, WOB may use the information provided for the administration of your participation. Further participation in any type of online match or championship is conditional on the granting of permission for WOB to handle and use the data provided by you for statistical purposes to show them publicly; these will include general users’ scores, classifications, and achievements or prizes earned from your performance.

In accepting prizes from WOB’s Services you are giving your irrevocable consent for WOB to use your user name or the nickname you use on the network for advertising and promotional purposes without any additional compensation.

Any compilation, handling and analysis by WOB of the data provided by Users is for the sole purpose of providing an improved Service and improved contact with you and to increase the satisfaction of our Users in relation to our games. For this reason WOB will never use such data to sell, assign, sublease or transfer them in any other way to unaffiliated third parties or allow access thereto unless this has been expressly allowed by you.

In any case, you the User may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection in an e-mail addressed to [email protected] or in a written request addressed to the Operator, Pozuelo de Alarcón (28223 Madrid), Paseo del Club Deportivo no. 1, Edificio 13, floor 2, Parque Empresarial “La Finca”, including the reference “Protection of Personal Data” in the communication.

You must bear in mind that there may be cases in which WOB is legally obliged to retain your information if the competent authority so requires. WOB reserves the right to cooperate fully in complying with the law if so required by the authorities, including the investigation of denunciations of illegal activities.

Disclosure of information to our partners and suppliers

It is possible that WOB may contract the services of external service providers (including payment processing companies) in order to perform certain activities that include, but are not limited to, the processing of your information, age or location, or to contact you to send e-mails, text messages, prizes or promotions.

Your personal information will be disclosed only to third parties unconnected with WOB in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. WOB is committed to adopting the measures necessary to guarantee that our agreements with third parties protect your privacy and we make sure that such third parties strictly comply with our directives.

Forums, chat rooms and blogs

You understand and accept that the comments or publications that you may make through third party services such as forums, blogs or chat rooms are not private or confidential and can be seen and used by other users who access the Service, and for this reason WOB does not take responsibility for the opinions or publications of other users, nor for the use that third parties may makes of the information from data published by you on the channels previously described or similar.

Cookies Policy

The service provided by WOB may use cookies. When surfing the Internet, residual elements such as temporary files or cookies may sometimes remain stored on your computer, mobile device or similar. Each cookie is unique to your Web browser and will contain anonymous information such as an identifier, the name of the web page and some figures and numbers.

The purpose of these elements is to improve your experience when using the Service, storing your preferences so that on your next visit to the site you can navigate there more efficiently, quickly and simply.

Users have the option to prevent the generation of cookies by marking the corresponding menu option in their browser, although if they choose to deactivate the use of cookies the operation of this web page may be affected. Below are the links of the leading Web browsers where you can learn how to configure and manage cookies.

Internet Explorer:

Other websites

You should bear in mind that the Service can house links to other web pages. This Privacy Policy applies only to the WOB Service, not to the web pages of other companies or organisations other than WOB that you may be able to access from the Service or application.

Nor does WOB assume any responsibility for the information contained on the web pages of third parties that may be accessed via links from the Service or application. The presence of these links is for informative purposes and they do not in any way constitute an invitation to contract products or services that may be offered on the destination web page.

In the event that WOB effectively learns that the activity or the information to which such links connect is illegal, constitutes a crime or can harm the goods or rights of third parties who may seek compensation, it will act with the necessary diligence to remove the corresponding link or to make it unusable as soon as possible.

Change or removal of data

In any case, you, the User, will be able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection via e-mail to [email protected]
or by sending a written request to ZITRO S.A.R.L with registered office at 16, Avenue Pasteur, L-2310 – Luxembourg (Luxembourg), including the reference “Protection of Personal Data” in the communication.

If registration and access to the WOB Service have been effected through a social network, you may ask for the information to be removed from the account by following the instructions indicated at You can request removal relating to your account and remove the Service or application from your social network or third party service by following the instructions indicated by them.


In compliance with the regulations currently in force, WOB takes all the technical and administrative measures necessary to maintain the required level of security with regard to the personal data it handles. We are also equipped with all the necessary mechanisms available to avoid as far as is possible any unauthorised access, illegal extraction and modifications and loss of the data.

WOB will include the data provided by users in a file that it holds, which will have all the security measures necessary and required under current Data Protection regulations.

Nevertheless, WOB does not assume any responsibility for the loss of or access to data of third parties. WOB will never request personal data from users of the Services through messaging or e-mail applications, since such media are not considered secure.

Policy relating to persons under 18 years of age

The WOB service is designed for use by persons of 18 years or more and for recreational purposes. Without prejudice to the foregoing, WOB does not collect information on any person younger than 13 years. If WOB detects the use of its service by persons younger than this, WOB will take the relevant measures to remove the information provided as quickly as possible.

Contact World of Bingo

If you wish, you may contact WOB at any time, should you have any queries or doubts or need assistance. If you have any question about our Privacy Policy or any other kind of query, do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail address: [email protected]